May 6, 2010

A glass of wine and a good book

Today is going to be a good day. My grades have been posted- 3 A's and a B. Not too shabby. Last night was my last final exam of the semester, so my boyfriend and I celebrated with a few drinks with the neighbors. There's nothing quite like a well-deserved glass of wine! (or half a bottle, but whatever, who's keeping track?) It was nice to kick back and get to know the neighbors a little bit better. Anyway, about two and a half weeks before my summer semester begins, which should be much less stressful than this past. I'm still kicking myself for taking so long to get back into it, but I'm so glad that I am now- one semester down...

On another note, I'm thinking that some of my free time might be well spent reading a good book. I'm running a few errands tonight, so I'll run by the bookstore and pick something up later on. I'm excited to have some free time at work again to get back to something I love!  Right now I'm thinking I'll go with Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella- I absolutely LOVED her style and wit in Can You Keep a Secret?, as well as her well-developed characters and thoroughly conceived plot. But, once I get to the bookstore, there's a good chance I'll change my mind; there are just SO many appealing pieces of literature out! I've also considered starting the Evernight series, but I never know if that's a good idea; I tend to get sucked into series so deeply I can't do anything else, including sleep, which I happen to find VERY important. 

Ok, so I'll check back in tomorrow with my final selection(s) and then I'll just go from there. May the gods of good literature direct me.. haha


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