May 12, 2010

:: Things I Love & Hate ::

I love thunderstorms.

I love photography & editing.

I love a medium-rare filet mignon.

I love to watch UFC & ECF. 

I love blueberry mojitos. 

I love to read contemporary fiction.

I love to try my own recipes.

I love hot hot showers. 

I love picnics at the park.

I love laying in the sun.

I love rollercoasters.

love tattoos.

I love warm rain. 

I love the beach.

I love dressing sassy.

I love strawberries in whipped cream.

I love sleeping.

I love the "God of War" video games.

I love Kate Hudson. 

I love getting my hair played with.

I love warm weather.

hate wet pant legs.

hate bugs.

hate feeling lonely.

hate losing.

hate cold weather.

hate telemarketing calls.

hate feeling jealous.

hate my insatiable curiosity.

hate when people break their word.

hate when the hot water runs out in the shower.

hate Dwight Yocum's singing voice.

hate attention-seeking behavior.

hate when girls think it's cute to act dumb.

hate when my face blushes.

hate being cold.

hate being lied to.

hate trying my best & still not succeeding.

hate feeling regret.

hate that my knee caps quiver when I get nervous.


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