May 12, 2010

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My Bookshelf is a place for all my current favorites. I love me a good book. Most of these are contemporary adult literature with a couple of young adult and memoirs thrown in. If you have the time to read any of these, please share what you thought!

The Twilight Saga
-Stephenie Meyer
It's a given, they are the ever-popular Twilight books... but I love the fantasy about them.  


Can You Keep a Secret?
-Sophie Kinsella
This book I absolutely could not put down, and read a second time right after I finished the first. It was hysterical and witty and candid- all the things I love!
Can You Keep A Secret

Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas
-James Patterson
Tear-jerker for sure, but very well-written and developed, with an element of surprise. Great book.
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by ,James Patterson

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
-Tucker Max
I started reading this in class and immediately stopped because I was laughing so hard I literally could've pissed myself. Literally. And then I got excited when the movie was coming out.. until I saw the movie and was highly disappointed. This is the most hilarious, raunchiest yet intelligently written book I've read. 

-Sarah Mlynowski
I think at one point or another we've all been that girl that just can't let go, even when all indicators are screaming we should. I could definitely relate.

Remember Me?
-Sophie Kinsella
Somewhat predictable, but overall, it was a very good read. Kept me interested. But then again, I'm never disappointed with Sophie Kinsella.

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

A Girl Named Zippy
-Haven Kimmel
I was given this as a high school graduation gift from my creative writing teacher/great aunt, because this is one of her favorite books, and I remind her of Zippy. "Spunky" was the adjective she used. 
A Girl Named Zippy

Secret Life of Bees
-Sue Monk Kidd
Just an absolutely wonderful book. I could really identify with May and her feelings of overwhelming empathy and sensitivity. I learned a lot about myself and self-expression from this book.

The Lovely Bones
-Alice Sebold
A new perspective, a different viewpoint from what I was used to, I was very intrigued by the story line. 

The Ex-Files
-Jane Moore
The opening scene of this book is so steamy you can't help but read on!
book cover of 

The Ex-files 


Jane Moore


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