May 19, 2010

Drugs & Haircuts. Oh What Fun.

Ay yi yi. First visit to a, well my, psychiatrist this afternoon. It kind of sucks if you really think about it. I'm going to talk to a stranger about my deepest darkest concerns, fears, habits, and inadequacies. I mean really, this is shit I don't really feel like talking about. BUT, I know that I need to work past it in order to move on with my life. He made me feel better though. Apparently, I'm not crazy, it's a chemical imbalance, and with the right combination of drugs, I will feel like the "intelligent, sensitive, good person" (his words, not mine) that I am. Ok, I'm ready now.

I decided, spur of the moment last night, to get my hair cut today. I know, I know, I just hacked my bangs off... which here I am...
(So what do you think?)

Anyway, I was able to get an appointment after work today. I'm nervous. I'm trying out a new hairstylist because I wasn't happy with the work of my previous one, but I really liked her, and couldn't bring myself to tell her that she wasn't achieving what I was looking for. Anyway, I want something messy and layered, probably razored, but I want to keep the length. I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

I worked out yesterday, like I said I was going to. ugh. It's so hard for me to get motivated to do anything, let alone something ughh. My psychiatrist said that's also part of the chemical problem (lack of motivation to do things, even things I enjoy), so hopefully the drugs will help with that too... I'm not too sore today, even though I was feeling the burn last night. It was like my body welcomed it.. missed it even. I'm thinking it's probably not going to happen tonight, I have too many errands to run, but definitely tomorrow!

Have a GREAT Wednesday night!


Niki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I love your new haircut, i have been wanting to get my hair cut like that for sometime :)

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