May 24, 2010

CONCERT!!!!! & a Dirty, Dirty Thief

Eric and I went to a concert this weekend. Sick Puppies, Shinedown, and Breaking Benjamin opened for Nickelback. I like Nickelback, but I can easily say that Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin are two of my favorite bands. Sick Puppies are pretty decent too. Oh, and we got completely hammered. shwasted. 

Traffic was horrid.  The concert started at 6:30... we didn't get there until 7:30, and we missed Sick Puppies and heard a few songs of Shinedown as we made the hellacious walk to the stadium from our parking spots. We stayed in a modern, funky hotel that was way nice and comfortable. It was only 7 miles away. It took us an hour and a half to make it that 7 miles. Talk about some bullshit. But it was still awesome..

I got a sweet Shinedown T-shirt

And the Sick Puppies autograph on their newest CD

Sweet, right? I think so :)

Other than that we just enjoyed our time in the city, went out to dinner, went to a few different malls & bought a few different things. The only bad part of our entire trip, & it was a HUGE bad spot- We got robbed.

 In a store at the mall, sit my 2 bags down, walk about 20 feet away, realize what I had done, go back, and they are gone. In the first bag was a pair of $60 black strappy cage stilettos I got on sale for $30. The other bag... well that was a fiasco. 

When Eric and I went on spring break to South Carolina, we went to a Nike Outlet (which we don't have one of those within 4 hours of us) and we found this AWESOME pair of Air Jordan Flight's. They were white and the prettiest color bright blue; simple, but caught a lot of eyes and tons of compliments. And they were very very very well taken care of. They were literally like brand new. We always look in every shoe store to see if we can find them and we have not EVER came across another pair like them. It probably seems silly, but these shoes very meaningful to both of us. We bought them on our first major vacation together. Oh, and they were $140.

Well anyway, Eric had just bought a new pair of Air Max's and decided to wear them out of the store, and put the Jordan's in the new shoe box. That's right. I'm to blame for his beloved shoes being stolen. We both wish that the $100 pair of Air Max's were the ones in the box because we could've replaced them easily... well not that easily, most shoe stores only get 1 pair of size 13's, and this was the only store we could find them in.

So I feel like a huge piece of shit. And I cried. A lot. I still can't believe it happened. He was as dignified with me as can be hoped for, though I know he was very very upset, he accepted my 5 billion apologies, hugged me, and still held my hand and took me to see Shrek: Forever After in IMAX (I had never been to an IMAX theater.. OMG OMG OMG. that's all I can say about that experience.) The movie was pretty cute, but very short. We both would've preferred to see Iron Man 2 but it wasn't playing in IMAX that day. 

And even more so, I can't believe the people in this world. That was a very very dirty thing to do to someone. We both work very hard for the things that we have. I have integrity and morals, but I feel like it's becoming less and less common. So as of this very moment, I feel very down about the state of humanity. 

How many good people are there left out there? Not enough, I don't think...


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