May 14, 2010

Hot New Bikini & "Just a Guy"

On-line shopping will be the death of me. Ok, so I used to have a severe shopping problem. I just love to shop. I love to have new things. I love fashion. I love shopping for what suits my particular body type, and I'm pretty good at it (at least I think I am). I love feeling like I'm in control of something.. even if my shopping is out of control. I mean, really, what girl doesn't like these things?

So anyway, Eric and I share our finances, which works out pretty well; we do our best to ensure if things don't work out between us, we'll still survive financially, and considering we've made a commitment to each other not to give up, no matter what obstacles we face, it's been working out well, so what's the harm? Anyway, before I get way off track, since we began sharing our funds, I've worked very hard to be frugal and cognizant of where every penny of our income goes, and also to make sure we both get the things we want and need. This has taken quite a bit of communication, consideration, compromising, and sacrificing, which is a constant work in progress. I handle all the bills, the shopping, the saving, the little "extras" we want to do, the vacation planning, etc.

Sometimes handling the money makes me feel like a good-time nazi. Sometimes it really sucks telling Eric, "no we don't have the money for that because we are trying to save money for this," and so forth. And sometimes, he has a little "tantrum" and figuratively stomps his feet and holds his breath, but most of the time, even if he doesn't like it, he understands we are working toward a common goal that we decided together. It's not like I always get things I want, I just don't voice that I want them, so they go unnoticed by him.

But anyway, today I got something I wanted. Well kind of. I'm more than willing to settle. I am more than happy to shop from the sales racks. Which is exactly what I did today.

Victoria's Secret! 
I just love VS. 
I got the top on sale for $24 
and the bottoms for $14.50.
Now that's a decent deal!

So this is an older design- a year, maybe two, but I like it, and these colors are on my color wheel. It would be really nice if I was as hott as the girl wearing it, but that's never going to happen. For starters, I'm only 5'2".. in the morning. 

FYI: Did you know you're taller in the morning? Gravity from standing and sitting compresses the spine, thus, making you shorter as the day wears on.  

On a completely unrelated subject, I'm starting a new book today. It's called Just a Guy -Notes from a Blue Collar Life. It's a memoir by Bill Engvall (You know, the guy from Blue Collar Comedy that's not Jeff Foxworthy or the "Tator Salad" guy or the guy that always wears red flannels with the sleeves ripped off that talks really slow and twangy.) 

I got it for Eric for Christmas last year.. it was something he had mentioned hearing about and wanting to read, but couldn't remember who wrote it or what it was called. So, without much to go on, I searched and searched and finally found it. I guess I should go ahead and mention he's only read about the first 10 pages. Anyway, I though what the hell, I'm going to read it. I'm hoping it's funny. 

Just a Guy: Notes from a Blue Collar Life

The back cover's first paragraph is:

Here's the official definition of a guy: a person who doesn't think before he speaks. He's can't. He's not that deep. Because a guy has only three basic needs: eating, sleeping, and sex. That's it. Just a Guy chronicles a lifetime in pursuit of those needs.  

Have a wonderful Friday!


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